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How to create an event πŸ—“
How to create an event πŸ—“
Create a kick-off event, easily send invites, automate reminders, and create a public event page.
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Easily create events, drive engagement, automated reminders, track attendance, and launch public events with Heartbeat Events.

Quick video on setting up your first event:

How to setup your first event on Heartbeat

  1. Go to Events, then click Create Event.

  2. Fill in the event title, description, date and time, and event location.

    • The event location can be Heartbeat voice channel, Zoom, or a custom location (physical address or link to another platform, such as Google Meet).

  3. Invite specific members or groups in your community to the event by typing it in the Invite Members section.

  4. You may request feedback and make the event a public event by toggling on the buttons.

    • If you choose to make an event public, there will be a few more options for you to select from.

  5. Next select the type of email notifications you'd like to use, and you can opt to send reminders, as well.

    • Heavy: Invitees receive and email, and the event is automatically added to their calendar. Please, note that since the invite is automatically added, RSVP data can't be collected.

    • Medium: Invitees will receive an email to RSVP. After they've accepted the invite, the event will automatically be added to their calendar.

    • None: Invitees will need to RSVP from Events in HB. After they've RSVPed, the event will be added to their calendar.

  6. Click Create to finish creating the event. You're all set. πŸ‘

Check out the videos here to learn more about events:

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