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Event Email Notifications
Event Email Notifications
An overview on the different event email notifications and their use cases
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When creating an event, admins are able to customize the email notifications invitees will receive.

๐Ÿ’Œ Heavy

After the event is created, invited members will receive an email about the event, and the invite will also automatically be added to their calendar. Heavy events can be used for classes (or courses) that youโ€™re expecting all invitees to commit to attending.

Since the invite is automatically added to their calendar, RSVP data can't be collected.

โœ‰๏ธ Medium

After the event is created, invited members will get an invite through email. Once the invitee RSVPs for the event (responds yes to the invite), then the event will be added to their calendar.

Medium events can be used when you're hosting an event that you'd like to let people know about, but it isn't an event that invited members have to commit to. Medium is in between Heavy and None, and it can be a good default for communities that are running occasional events.

๐Ÿ’ค None

No email invites are sent. After the event is created, invited members can RSVP from the event page. After they've RSVPed in HB, the event will be added to their calendar.

The use case here is if you're hosting a lot events, and you don't want to overload or spam invited members with emails.

If you're choosing none then that means members are not notified about events, so you'll want to let them know to check out the events page to RSVP or see events. You could also create a weekly post in threads giving members a rundown of upcoming events.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens when a new member signs up?

    • Heavy: They'll get an email invite for every single event.

    • Medium: They'll get one email with a list of all events set to medium

  • Will invitees be notified when I update an event?

    • If you update the time or location, invitees are automatically notified. For all other updates (name change, description, etc.), you're given the option to update invitees or not.

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