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How do I create a one time workflow?
How do I create a one time workflow?

Use Heartbeat workflows to trigger bulk actions for segments of your community.

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Step 1: Name your workflow

First, give your new workflow a name that will allow you to easily identify it's purpose.

Step 2: Toggle repeat run settings

Next, decide if you'd like to allow repeat runs. If toggled on, each member will only ever receive this workflow once, even if you decide to re-run the one-time workflow in the future. For example, if you want to show a popup to members that

Step 3: Select one time workflow

Select the One Time option then select the date and time you'd like to run this workflow. If you'd like the workflow to run as soon as you hit save, you can toggle on "Run immediately." Click next to progress to the actions step.

Step 4: Choose which members to include in the workflow

You can choose to run this one time bulk action for everyone in your community; or you can choose to segment your audience for the workflow using filters. After selecting a filter set, you can preview who the workflow will run for by clicking "Preview" in the top right corner of the Audience modal.

For more help on filters, check out this helpful article which lists each of the filter options you have.

Step 5: Add actions

Click on Add Action and select the action you'd like to perform when the trigger event occurs. You may add as many actions as you'd like after a trigger.

Example: Bulk add members to a group one time

We're going to run an action that adds any member that joined before September 1, 2023 to a group called "Founding Member".

First, name the workflow and toggle on "Prevent repeat runs." We toggle this on because we don't want to re-add people to a group they've already been added to if we decide to run this workflow again in the future.

We're going to run this workflow immediately since it is an administrative task that won't result in members being send a message or email. Once ready, click next to progress to the Actions tab.

Next we'll use the Joined On filter and select "before Friday, Sep 1". Previewing this will show me any members that joined my community before this date.

Next, we'll add the Add to groups action from the "Add Action" button and select our Founding Member group from the dropdown.

Once we're ready, we can click Save and run the workflow for the members in our filtered audience.

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