Zoom Integration

Auto-create events with zoom links, live-display zoom events in Heartbeat, track attendance, and save zoom recordings within Heartbeat.

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Note: The 'Manage Events' permission within Heartbeat is required to set up your Zoom integration. If you're having trouble setting up Zoom, it may be that your Community's Administrator has not given you access to event creation within Heartbeat. You can check these permissions by visiting Settings > Roles.

For any issues during the Installation, Usage, or Uninstallation process, please contact our support team at support@heartbeat.chat.

Install the Zoom Integration

  1. From your HB account, visit Settings > Integrations

  2. Toggle on the Zoom button.

  3. You will be redirected to Zoom's website to login.

  4. Once you have successfully logged into your Zoom account, you will be redirected back to Heartbeat

  5. Your Zoom account should now be connected to your Heartbeat account

Check out this video to learn about integrating with Zoom:

Using the Integration

Event Creation

Requires Event Creation permission within Heartbeat.

With Heartbeat's Zoom integration, you can easily create events with an associated Zoom link and share them within your community. These events will also show up under your meetings in Zoom. In addition to one-off event, you can also create recurring events and private events (limiting invites to specific people).

To create events with Zoom links, simply navigate to the Events page within Heartbeat and click the "Create Event" button in the top right corner of your screen. There, you'll see a pop up where you can customize your event before publishing it with a zoom url.


Join Call Links for Community Members

Once you've created your first Zoom meeting, your community's members will be able to visit the link through Heartbeat's Events page. By clicking on an event, they'll be able to see all the event's information, including the zoom link for the given event (shown below).


Event Recordings & Attendance

Requires 'View Attendance' permission within Heartbeat to view Attendee minutes

After an event has completed, you'll be able to view the event recording link through Heartbeat's events page. Admins with specific permissions will also be able to view event attendance recorded through Zoom as shown below:


By clicking the Event Recording link, you'll be taken to Zoom's website where you can view the full event recording.

Event Attendees where the their time in the call was successfully tracked will show up in blue. Click the β€œAttendees” button view how long each attendee spent in the Zoom call (in minutes). Members that could not be tracked will show up at the bottom of the list with an email address.



To uninstall Zoom, visit Settings>Integrations and scroll down until you see the Zoom section. You will see a Disconnect Zoom button (screenshot below). Click that button to permanently disconnect Heartbeat from your Zoom account.

  1. Login to your Heartbeat Account

  2. Visit Settings > Integrations

  3. Scroll down until you see the Zoom section

  4. Click the switch (shown below)

  5. Your Heartbeat account should now be successfully disconnected from Zoom.



My events aren't appearing in Heartbeat after they're been created

Generally this is indicative of a faulty Zoom integration. To reset your Zoom connection, follow the steps above to uninstall and re-install Zoom. Afterwards, you should be able to create Zoom events normally. If the problem persists, please email us at support@heartbeat.chat.

I can't see Event Attendees for my Zoom events

The likely cause for this is that your community administrator has not turned on the 'View Attendees' permission for your Heartbeat Account. Reach out to your community lead to remedy this and you should be able to see event attendees by clicking on any past event.

I don't see my Zoom Recording in Heartbeat

If you're not seeing Zoom recordings for events in Heartbeat, make sure that you're recording your Zoom meetings properly. This a helpful video to reference: How to Record Zoom Meetings

Currently, Heartbeat only shows Zoom Recordings that have been stored in Zoom's cloud & does not have the ability to access locally recorded Zoom meetings.

To ensure Zoom meetings are recorded in the future, you can adjust your Zoom Account setting at zoom.us to ensure all calls are automatically recorded & saved to Zoom's cloud.


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