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Threads Overview
Threads Overview

Use threads to keep members connected and up to date on any community events, updates, or announcements.

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Channel Types:

  • 🧡 Threads - Posts can be created in thread channels. Users can comment on posts and reply to comments.

  • πŸ’¬ Chat - Messages can be sent in chat channels. Best for text only conversations and quick messages happening synchronously.

  • πŸ”ˆ Voice - Members can talk and meet using voice channels. They can use video in voice channels, as well.

Check out this article for best practices for threads and how to set up your channels:

Create, Edit, & Delete Channels

Check out this article for more details on how to create, edit, and delete channels:

Thread Channels

Members can create posts in thread channels. To create a post, click on the Start a Thread... section at the top of the thread channel.

Type your post in the text box, and format it by highlighting the text. You can bold, italicize, or underline text. You can also create headings and add links to your post.

If you type in a dash - and hit enter, it will automatically create bullet points. If you type in 1. and then the text, and then hit enter, it will continue with 2. (and so on).

Click on the embed button (to the far left of Post) to embed in your post. Click on the poll button (in the middle) to add a poll to your post. Click on the paperclip button to add an attachment.


Polls can be created in thread channels. Only one poll can be added to a post with up to 5 answers/options. To make the answers to a poll anonymous, click on the Anonymous Poll button to toggle it on.

Making it anonymous means that it will not show which members voted, however, it will show the results of the poll.

This is an example of how the poll will be displayed in threads:

If a poll is public, there will be text at the bottom that indicates the responses are public. Admins will see the View Responses button without having to vote. Click on View Responses to results.

Note: You can only vote once on a poll. After you've voted, you will be unable to change your vote.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you tag in threads?

Here are our keyboard shortcuts that allow you to tag content in threads:

  • Type @ to tag people or groups

  • Type # to tag channels

  • Type $ to tag docs, events, and groups

  • Type : to add an emoji

Who can tag groups in threads and comments?

Only admins and moderators can tag groups and roles in threads.

How do you moderate content in threads?

Admins and moderators can delete posts, comments, and chat messages if they are against content guidelines for your community. For posts and comments, click the 3-dot menu and select Delete. For messages, hover over the message and select the trash icon.

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