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Best practices for Heartbeat threads
Best practices for Heartbeat threads

Easy strategies to help you maximize community engagement within Heartbeat threads & create a vibrant discussion space for your members.

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We recommend new communities start with 4-5 channels to help concentrate engagement.

πŸ‘‹ Introduction

This is a great place for the answers to the onboarding questions to be posted.

πŸ“£ Announcements

One of the best ways to keep members informed of the latest news regarding your community is to have all updates in one place.

Most of the admins we've worked with prefer to have their announcement channel as read-only channel.

🏑 General

Having a general channel solely dedicated to welcoming members and introducing what the community is about can be a great way to have new members ease into your community and potentially make new friends. 😁

πŸ€” No stupid questions

Another great way of interacting with your community is to have a channel dedicated to asking and answering questions. This can be a place where members discuss important topics and share their knowledge.

πŸ”Š Watercooler

Commonly called voice rooms β€” this is where you can hang out with other members over voice and video to have real and meaningful conversations. Other members in your community can see if somebody is in the watercooler, and they can hop in to talk, say hi over the video, or share their screen.

Don't leave any channel empty. Set it up so that members can easily tell what it's all about.

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