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Getting Started on Heartbeat
🐣 Setting up your Heartbeat space
🐣 Setting up your Heartbeat space

The basics to getting your Heartbeat space up & running with best practices from other communities.

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[Step 1 of 6] Creating your first 5 channels

1/ πŸ‘‹ introduction

You can have this as the area where the onboarding intro questions from your community automatically come through and can be a great way to help new members understand what your community is all about.

2/ πŸ“£ announcements

One of the best ways to keep members informed of the latest news regarding your community is to have every update in one place, and this is why having an announcement channel will be an essential part of your starting channels.

Most of the admins we've worked with prefer to have their announcement channel as read-only.

3/ 🏑 general

Having a general channel solely dedicated to welcoming members and introducing what the community is all about can be a great way to have new members ease into your community and potentially make new friends.

4/ πŸ€” questions

Another great way of interacting with your community is to have a channel dedicated to asking and answering questions. This can be a place where members discuss important topics and share their knowledge.

5/ πŸ”Š watercooler

Commonly called voice rooms β€” this is where you can hang out with other members over voice and video to have real and meaningful conversations. Other members in your community can see if somebody is in the Watercooler and they can hop in to talk, say hi over the video, or share their screen.

[Step 2 of 6] Creating your first 2 documents

1/ βš–οΈ Code of Conduct

This serves as the ground rules or community guidelines. It shows what is and isn't allowed in your community and what kind of content and behavior is or isn't encouraged.

2/ ❀️ How to Use Heartbeat

Teaching people how to do account settings, browser notifications, mentioning mobile and desktop apps, DMS, creating threads & posts, and editing posts.

[Step 3 of 6] Creating your first event

Heartbeat creates spaces dedicated to your in-person and off-platform events.

Pro Tip: Have one strong event to kick off the community, get to know who else is in the community, and give the onboarding invites early.

[Step 4 of 6] Configure Matchmaking

Matchmaking automatically connects people in your community.

  • Members can opt-in themselves, or admins can also put people in.

  • Admins can set up the number of pools and define who will match up with who.

[Step 5 of 6] Setup community theme

This is where you can upload and preview your logo and background color to reflect your branding.

[Step 6 of 6] Customize Onboarding

Create a customizable onboarding flow in your community by asking onboarding questions, giving them the option to join other groups asking their socials, and more!

Pro Tip: Make use of the onboarding questions as Bio for the members in the Introduction channel.

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