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How can members join groups in Heartbeat?
How can members join groups in Heartbeat?

Join or leave groups within your Heartbeat community.

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There are three ways your community members can join groups in Heartbeat:

Join a Group through Onboarding

Before members can add groups through the onboarding flow, admins will need to set it up. Go to the Settings > Onboarding Setup, and then click Add Group in the Groups section.
Check out this article to learn more about setting it up:

After you've set this up, when a member goes through onboarding, they will be prompted to select a group or groups.

Join through My Groups

Members can view the groups they are part of and/or join joinable groups from their Settings > My Groups.

Join through Threads

Admin can create a post inviting members to join a group. To do this, type in $join and then select the group you want to tell members about.

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