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How to create a course

Create a course in your Heartbeat community

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Courses in Heartbeat allow you to build learning journeys in your community that increase engagement.

When creating a course, you'll walk through a process to set up the overall structure of how you will deliver content. You can choose from 2 different course structures:

  1. 🌲 Evergreen: Always available courses. Lessons can be dripped out over time.

  2. πŸ‘₯ Cohort-Based: Courses run in groups with fixed start and end times. (i.e. bootcamps, fellowships, etc.)

In this guide

To create a new course

To get started, go to the Courses tab in the left sidebar of your community. (If you don't see the courses tab, go to Settings > Community Sidebar and make sure the Courses feature is toggled ON). Once on the Courses tab, click the Create New Course button.

1. Add basic course info

On the left side of the creation screen, you will enter a course name, cover image, description, and choose the type of course you're creating.

Highlight expected outcomes and timelines in your course description to maximize sign-ups. Example: "Gain kitchen confidence in 3 weeks with 12 guided lessons from world-class chefs."

2. Add community embeds

Connect pieces of your community to your course to grow engagement. With community embeds, you can connect the following to your course:

  • Channels and individual posts

  • Recurring and one-time events

  • Member profiles and DMs

  • Automated matchups

3. Start collecting payments

Start collecting one-time or subscription payments for your Heartbeat course. When adding payments to your course, you have 2 options:

  1. Make your course an independent product for purchase

  2. Bundle your course into a paid membership

You can also give individual members or groups free access to your course. This might be helpful if you want your community admins, moderators, or beta testers to have free access to a course that would otherwise be a paid product.

4. Set up automated workflows

Configure automated Heartbeat actions that trigger for a member when they complete your course. This can include sending a DM, email, notification, popup, or adding the member to a group.

Use the add to groups action to add the member to a badge group. That way, they can show off that they've completed your course to other members in the community. πŸŽ“ Learn how to create community badges.

Helpful Tutorials

Walkthroughs, tutorials, and guides to help you level up your paid course.

Next Step: Customize your course

Move to the next step in building your course on Heartbeat:

Want to see more in courses?

Check out our courses feedback page to share your requests or upvote others. We prioritize updates to courses based on demand. So the more upvotes a request gets, the faster we build it!

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