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Bundle a course with a paid membership
Bundle a course with a paid membership

Grant free access to your course for those in your subscription-based membership.

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This guide will help you bundle your Heartbeat course into your existing paid membership. First, you'll have to create your first course and paid membership.

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  • Bundle your course with a paid membership

Bundle your course with a paid membership

Give paid groups (monthly, annually, etc.) course access. Anyone paying to be in that group will see that the course is accessible to them for no additional cost.

First, click Edit in the β€’β€’β€’ menu on your course card or select Edit Course Info on the course overview page. Then, toggle ON the Bundle with a Paid Membership option. Select one or more paid groups you've already created in Settings > Products.

If your paid group already has upsells turned on, free members in your community will see the course card in the community with a purchase button. When they click purchase, they will be prompted to join the membership you've selected here.

Maximize course revenue by bundling it into a membership. Having members on a monthly subscription allows you to focus less on multiple one-off sales and more on building your monthly recurring revenue.

Helpful Tutorials

Walkthroughs, tutorials, and guides to help you level up your paid course.

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