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Make a course a paid product in Heartbeat
Make a course a paid product in Heartbeat

Sell your course as an independent product with one-time payments and installment plans.

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This guide will help you start collecting one-time or installment-based payments for your Heartbeat course. First, you'll have to create your first course in Heartbeat.

In this guide

  • Make your course an independently paid product

Make your course an independent product

First, click Edit in the β€’β€’β€’ menu on your course card or select Edit Course Info on the course overview page.

To set a price point and turn your course into an independent paid offering for your members, toggle ON the Set as Paid option on the create/edit course screen.

Select your currency, choose a one-time price point, and optionally add an installment plan payment option for your course.

Maximize revenue with installment plans by making them half the length of your course. This will prevent members from cancelling toward the end of the course before the payment plan is complete.

Lastly, toggle ON upsells for your course. This will increase the visibility of your paid course in the community for those that have not made the purchase yet. For everyone that has no purchased the course, they will see the course card with a purchase button.

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Walkthroughs, tutorials, and guides to help you level up your paid course.

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