Courses Overview

Learn how to create, manage, and run courses in Heartbeat.

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Courses in Heartbeat allow you to build learning journeys in your community that increase engagement.

Find your Courses section on the left sidebar of your community (If you don't see the courses tab, toggle it on here). Courses can be integrated with other pieces of content in your community to craft a unified experience for members. For example, you can create a course that includes:

  • Discussion channels for members of the course to chat openly;

  • Live events tied to lessons or recurring events for instructor office hours;

  • Automated recurring matchups for members of the course;

  • Document sections only available to course participants.

Course Types

When creating a course, you'll walk through a process to set up the overall structure of how you will deliver content. You can choose from 2 different course structures:

  1. 🌲 Evergreen: Always available courses. Lessons can be dripped out over time.

  2. πŸ‘₯ Cohort-Based: Courses run in groups with fixed start and end times. (i.e. bootcamps, fellowships, etc.)

Let's build your course

Check out these helpful articles to get your course up and running in Heartbeat.

Helpful Tutorials

Walkthroughs, tutorials, and guides to help you level up your online course.

Want to see more in courses?

Check out our courses feedback page to share your requests or upvote others. We prioritize updates to courses based on demand. So the more upvotes a request gets, the faster we build it!

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