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Preview your course as a member
Preview your course as a member
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This guide will help you preview your course as a member to ensure your content is displaying exactly as you expect.

In this guide

Where you can preview content

There are 2 ways to preview your course content from the course overview page. At the top of your page, you can select the Preview button above your course analytics. That will allow you to preview your entire course. To preview individual lessons, hover over a lesson and select the eye icon (next to the edit icon).

You can also preview your lesson content in the editor. At the top of the lesson editor, click Save & Preview to save your work and preview what a member will see.

What to review when previewing your course

When previewing your course, you can review the following:

  • How the lessons appear on the course overview page

  • Publish information on each lesson (only visible to admins)

  • Test the submission flow of assignments

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