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πŸ’° Payments Overview
πŸ’° Payments Overview

Monetize your community through paid memberships, premium offerings, paid courses, event tickets, and much more.

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Setting Up Payments in Heartbeat

To start, you'll need to connect with Stripe from Settings > Monetization.

After clicking on the button to the right, a new window will open up to connect with Stripe. Fill in your email address, and then follow the steps after to connect with Stripe.
Note: If you have an existing Stripe account, you can use the same email address here. Your HB Stripe account and your main Stripe account will be linked automatically.

Paid products can be created in HB after connecting to Stripe. Click on the + Create Product button, and then follow the steps from there.

Creating a Paid Group (Product)


  • Subscription Expiration: What do you want to happen after a members stops paying (unsubscribes)

    • Remove from Group - The member will automatically be removed from the paid group and will no longer have access to any paid content. However, they will still be a member of your community, and they can access any free content.

    • Requires Resubscription - This option will revoke the member's access to the community entirely. They will need to resubscribe in order to log in and have access to your community.

  • Multiple Tiers (ex. Gold, Silver, Bronze): Toggle this on if you want to create a paid product with different tiers and price points.

    • Note: When you toggle this on, the Show Upsells button will be displayed.

  • Show Upsells (this is only displayed if Multiple Tiers is toggled on): Click to toggle this on if you want members that are not part of the paid group to be able to see a customized upsell in Heartbeat to join the paid group. You can include a Title, Video Link, and Upsell Message.

Group Setup

  • Choose Group: Search for and select the group that you want to attach to the paid product. You can also create a new group here by typing in the group name that you want to create.

  • Group Name: Whatever group that was selected in the Choose Group step will automatically show up here.

  • Group Description (Optional): Add in a description of what the group is for and about.

  • Show Upsells: Click to toggle this on if you want members that are not part of the paid group to be able to see a customized upsell in Heartbeat to join the paid group. You can include a Title, Video Link, and Upsell Message.

Payment Setup

  • Currency: Select the currency you want to use.

    • Note: If the currency option you want isn't available, please, reach out to support.

  • Payment Option: Add any payment options for the paid group here.

    • Note: You are able to add more than one payment option (monthly, quarterly, etc.) by clicking on the plus sign to the right.

    • Free Trial: You can add a free trial time period here by clicking on the plus sign to the right.


Review the paid product, and then click on Create.

After You've Created the Paid Group

You can make changes to a paid group by clicking on the 3 dots to the right.

Editing the Paid Group

You are able to edit a paid group by clicking on the 3 dots to the right and then clicking on Edit.

Changes to the subscription expiration (remove from group or resubscribe), the group description, and the payment setup (currency and payment options) can be made. It is not possible to change a paid group from a single tier to multiple tiers (vice versa) or the paid group name.

Manage Members and Exemptions

You are able to review the members of a paid group, add them to the paid group, and make members exempt from paying by clicking on the 3 dots to the right and then clicking on Manage Members.


Any existing members can be added to the paid group here. Click on the Select a user... section, search for the member's name, and then Add.

A list of existing members will be displayed along with their status (active or onboarding incomplete).

Pre-Onboard Exemptions

For members that have gone through onboarding, you can add them as a pre-onboard exemption. With a pre-onboard exemption, they can sign up through the invitation link and bypass the paywall. We've seen this used to give free access to members that have paid outside of Heartbeat or have earned free access for other reasons (ex. giveaway).

To add them to the pre-onboard exemptions list, type in their email address in the Enter emails section, and then click Add.

Note: Multiple email addresses can be added at one time by adding commas or line breaks.

Past Members

Any past members of the paid group will be listed in this section.

Creating Promo Codes

Promo codes can be an effective way to attract more purchasers to your paid groups. Luckily, Stripe makes it easy to create and manage your promo codes.

Once you have clicked on the 3 dots and then Promo Codes (Stripe), you will be prompted to provide a name and discount amount for your promotion code. You can also set date limitations, multiple promo codes, and other limits.

Hit Save and the promo code is now active.

Managing Promo Codes

To access, edit, or delete your promo codes simply follow the first three steps from the guide above.

If you'd like to view reports on the usage of your promo codes, you can find them under the Reports tab.
Check out the video here to learn more:

Deleting a Paid Group

To delete a paid group, click on the 3 dots to the right and then Delete.

After clicking on Delete, a pop up will display asking if you want to delete or keep the groups associated to the product. Select Either Keep Groups or Delete Groups.

Note: If there are existing members, then it won't be possible to delete the group.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I offer a free trial?

Yes, you can offer a free trial when you set up your paid group. Click on the plus sign to the right in Payment Option, and then click Free Trial.

Can I make my paid group free to some members? Can I exempt a member from paying?

Yes, you can exempt specific members (or non-members) from paying for the paid group. Click here to check out this section to learn more.

How can a member cancel or change their payment method?

They can do so from Settings > Billing. Check out this video to learn more:

What are the available payment options for paid groups?

There are 6 payment options to choose from for your paid group. You can select multiple payment options for the same product.

  • Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly subscription (the member pays on a fixed subscription schedule. When they stop paying, they lose access to the product.)

  • One Time payment (the member pays once to acquire the product.)

  • Installments (you can choose the number and frequency of payments. The member will retain the paid product at the end of the installment period.)

How can members join the paid group?

They can join using an invitation link. If they are exempt, they'll automatically bypass the paywall when they use the link. Check out this page to learn more:

What happens if a member stops paying?

Depending on what was selected when the paid group was setup (remove from group or require resub), they'll either have no access to your community or they'll have access to any free/open parts of your community.

I don't see the currency I want to use. How can I add it?

Message us at, and we'll add it for you.

Is it possible to add a terms of service to the payment page?

Does Heartbeat work with anything other than Stripe?

Unfortunately, we only work with Stripe at this time.

Can I set up upsells if I don't have a payments set up in Heartbeat?

Unfortunately, not at this time.

Does Heartbeat payments work in India?

Yes, it does. 😊 Because of laws local to India, we have to store payment information on Indian servers, so you’ll just need to request that we turn this on for your account. You can request this via or by using the Help button in the bottom right corner of your community.

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