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πŸ… Create community badges
πŸ… Create community badges
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You can use groups as badges to easily identify a user's membership to a group throughout the community. Badges appear next a member's name in thread posts, comments, and messages.

Create your badge

Create a badge by going to Settings > Manage Groups > Create New Group. Give your group a name, description, and color.

Group Membership Settings

Decide how you'd like to assign this badge to members with group membership settings:

  • πŸ›‘οΈ Admin Controlled: Only admins can assign this badge to members. This is good if you'd like to have complete control over who in the community has this badge.
    ​This is great for Admin and Moderator badges

  • 🀝 Joinable: Any member can assign this badge to themselves in the community. They can do this by clicking "Join" wherever the group is tagged, or on their "My Groups" settings page.
    ​This is great for self-selecting affinity groups, like geo-location.

  • πŸ€– Automated: Members will automatically have the badge added (or removed) based on a set of filters you define. We have a number of template filters to help you get started with automated badge groups.
    ​This is great for gamified badges, like "helpful member" badges.

Visibility Settings

Finish creating your badge by selecting Badge in the visibility settings. This will mean anyone in the badge group will have the group displayed next to their name throughout the community.

Badges in Action

Automated Example: 🀝 Helpful Badge

  1. Fill in the title, description, and color for the badge

  2. We'll use an automated group for this, since we can define what it means to be helpful in the community with filters.

  3. We can select the "helpful" filter template from the "Use Template" menu.

  4. Adjust the filters from the template to best fit your community's engagement and activity. A helpful tip for getting this right is previewing the group after making changes to the filters. Have a few members in mind that you think should be in the group and make sure they show up in the preview.

  5. Select Next and then under visibility settings, select Badge and click Save.

  6. Every hour, the automated group will add/remove new members based on the filter criteria. We can now go into the community and see our badge in action!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many badges display next a member's name?

Heartbeat will display the 2 most recent badges received by the member next to their name. All other badges will appear in their profile. We are working to give more flexibility around which badges a member wants displayed if they have more than 2.

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