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How to create invitation links
How to create invitation links

Learn how to invite new members to your community.

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Creating an Invitation Link

Users can be invited to join your community using invitation links from Settings > Invitations. To create an invitation link, click on the + Create Invitation Link button.

Invitation links can be set to Evergreen or Pre-approved.

  • Evergreen: Anyone that has the link can join the community.

  • Pre-approved: Only email addresses on the pre-approved list can join using the link.

For both options, you are able to send an email invite to people you want to join using that link.

You might want to use evergreen links for free or open parts of your community where any member can join. And you can use pre-approved for private groups or groups that you want members to wait to sign up for.

Updating an Invitation Link

You can change an invitation link from evergreen to pre-approved by clicking on the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the invitation link, and then Update. You can also change the role and groups associated with the invitation link from Update.

Customizing an Invitation Link

You can create and customize the landing page for an invitation link by clicking on the 3 dots in the upper right corner and then Customize.
When you customize, you can add a header (Title) and description of your community. You can also embed a video and customize the button text (Continue, Next, Let's get started!).

Sending Invitation Email Links from Heartbeat

You can opt to send an email invitation link in Heartbeat for both evergreen and pre-approved links.

When creating the link, you can add their email addresses in the Send Invite To (Optional) section (for evergreen links) or toggle on the Send Email? button (for pre-approved links). For pre-approved links, it will send them email to all members on the approved list.
Also, you are able to add several email addresses in those sections, and separate them using commas or line breaks.

Managing Email Invites

You can manage the invitees (email addresses) that have been added by clicking on the 3 dots in the upper right corner, and then clicking Manage Invites.

You can add invitees here by putting in the email address in the Add Invites section. After adding in their email address, you can opt to send them an email invite from HB or simply add them without sending the invite.

You can resend an email invite to an individual by clicking on Resend to the right of the email address.
Otherwise, you can use the Resend All button to send the email invite again to all emails on the list.

You can remove an invitee by clicking on Remove to the right of their email. If you remove an email from a pre-approved link, then the person will not be able to sign up through that invitation link using their email address.

Deleting an Invitation Link

To delete an invitation link, click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner, and then Delete. Deleting the invitation link will make it so that it can't be used to sign up for your community.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add members? How do people join my community?

You can add them using invitation links. 😊

What happens when I delete an invitation link?

It will no longer work, and it can't be used to join your community.

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