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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions from community builders.

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How to create invitation links
What are the dimensions for the logo?
Is Heartbeat going to be fully white-labeled?
Can I add a link to the left sidebar menu?
Can I remove the "profile picture" step from my community onboarding?
Is Heartbeat available in other languages?
Can I rename the apps on the left sidebar menu?
Can I live stream in HB?
How to deactivate or delete a user
Where can I request a new feature?
Can I change the URL slug?
Can I hide or limit access to the apps on the left sidebar?
Purchasing multiple Heartbeat codes on AppSumo & activating them under the same email
How do I see community analytics in Heartbeat?
How to change the community name?
Can I access multiple communities in Heartbeat?
Can I hide the directory tab in my Heartbeat community?
How does content moderation work?
How do I delete an experience?
Can you have multiple channels with the same name in Heartbeat?
Can I record Heartbeat video calls?
What happens if I change my community template?
How to change the community template?
Where can I find the answers to private onboarding questions?
How to hide member emails in the user directory
Does Heartbeat integrate with Notion?
How can I reactivate users in Heartbeat after importing them through Circle?
What is the file size limit for uploads?
How do I rename a role?
How can I see images from Circle posts after syncing it into Heartbeat?
Is Heartbeat HIPAA Compliant?
Can I export documents from my Heartbeat community?
How to stop community matches in Heartbeat?
Can I embed documents & events into threads and comments?
How to Logout
I gave a user permission to view a document section but they can't see it. How do I fix this?
Does Heartbeat support SSO?
Can I access my Heartbeat community on mobile?
How do I sync specific channels from Slack to Heartbeat?
Is there an Undo button for all the removed users in Heartbeat?
What happens to existing subscribers when you increase the pricing for a product in Heartbeat
Can I tag @everyone under a post?
Can I change my login password?
Can I pause my community?
A paid member is still being charged after being removed from my group
How does the community activity carousel work?
How to log in on the mobile app
How to log into your community on desktop
How do I create a free and paid tier in my community?
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