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How do I see community analytics in Heartbeat?
How do I see community analytics in Heartbeat?
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Heartbeat gives you full visibility on the health and growth of your community, checking into community stat, feature usage, post engagements of your members, threads, and channels.

Click on the Analytics tab at the left-sidebar of the community space to access it.

Note: only community admins can see the Analytics tab.


The Overview tab will give you the analytics for important metrics across your community like the following:

Feature Usage: What features were used by your community over the last month.

Time Before First...: How long did it take for your users to engage with a thread over the last month.

Platform Usage: Where were users logging in from over the month.


This gives you a more detailed understanding of your members' engagement in the community with the following analytics:

Activity Hotspots: When were users active over the last month? (Localized to your timezone)

Public Conversations vs. DMs: Where are conversations most happening from, in public channels or private DMs.

Top Active Users: Top contributors

Top Threads: Which thread created the most engagement

Top Channels: Which channels had the most activity

Top Documents: Which documents had the most views over the last month


The engagement analytics tab will give you insights into your community stats, threads, messages, logins, document views, and voice rooms.

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