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How to customize the community feed

Learn how to customize content in your community feed.

Updated over a week ago

The Community Feed is only available on the Heartbeat mobile app right now. Although, we have plans to add the feed to the web and desktop app soon!

The Community Feed brings together posts and content from every corner of your community into one easy-to-view stream. Members will stay updated on the latest discussions, announcements, course lessons, upcoming events, and more without switching between channels. Best of all, the feed is personalized to each member based on their notifications, engagement activity, and access to content.

The following content is included in your community feed by default:

  • Chats: Boost engagement on new and popular conversations

  • Courses: Increase completion rates with nudges to continue where they left off

  • Events: Boost RSVPs to upcoming events

  • Documents: Increase visibility for your knowledge base

  • Upsells: Increase sales for in-community products or higher membership tiers

  • Matchups: Increase opt-ins for your automated matchups

In this guide

Customize your feed

To customize or toggle off your community feed, go to the web or desktop app on your admin account and navigate to Settings > Mobile Settings.

Disable the community feed

The community feed is enabled by default, but can be turned off in the Mobile Settings page using the Feed Enabled toggle.

Customize feed content

You can choose to include or exclude any content type from your feed in Mobile Settings. All content types are enabled by default. You can uncheck any you'd like to exclude and click Save Changes.

Ignore certain channels

If you have any discussion channels in your community you'd like ignored in the feed, you can select them under the Ignored Channels setting.

You may want to ignore your #intros in a fast growing community if new member introduction posts are taking place of more valuable conversation.

Set a default posting channel

Set the default channel that users will prompted to create new threads in while on the feed. If multiple channels are listed, the first channel that a user is able to access will be used. Make sure to select enough channels so that every member in your community will have access to at least 1 default channel.

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