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All things notifications and how to get set up πŸ”” An overview on how to configure notifications to fit your needs.

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Video Overview

You can configure your notifications in your community, mobile, and desktop, as well as, decide what email notifications you want to receive.

To turn on a notification click on the checkbox to the right of it. You can turn on notifications for:

  • Community: Notifications that show up in your community in the 'Notifications' tab in the sidebar, and the notifications will count towards the number on the bell (in the top right corner).

  • Mobile: Push notifications for iOS or Android.

  • Desktop: Push notifications sent to the desktop app on your Windows/MacOS device.

    • Note: Notifications will only be sent if the desktop app is open.

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Email notifications

You are able to choose what email notifications are sent to you.


Overrides can be used to make an exception to notifications for specific thread channels. An override will ignore the thread notification settings, and will use whatever you set instead.
For example, if you want to receive post notifications for all channels except the introductions channel, you would create an override for the channel and select None.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can admins set default notifications for members?

    • Yes, admins can set default member settings by clicking on 'Default Member Settings' at the top of the page. When a new member joins, whatever is set up will be the default for their notification settings. Users are able to make changes to their notification settings.

  • Can members change any default member settings?

    • Yes, users are able to update their notification settings to their liking.

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