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How to set up automated matchmaking

Rapidly improve your community's engagement by connecting & introducing members of your community to each other on auto-pilot.

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Match-ups automatically connect members of your community, instantly improving engagement. Members can opt-in to matchmaking and change the frequency of match-ups depending on their preference.

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How to setup automated Matchmaking

Matchmaking Settings:

  • A matchmaking pool is the grouping of Heartbeat community members to match others. You can choose to combine which groups you want to match within, and we’ll automatically connect all people.

  • You can create match-ups with groups of two or three people. If you select groups of three, Heartbeat will make as many groups of three as possible, while the remaining users will be in groups of twos.

Create Messaging to the community:

  • An email will be sent from your community admin connecting the match-up pairs. We have a template email ready, but you can fully customize it and make your own.

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