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Can I remove the "profile picture" step from my community onboarding?
Can I remove the "profile picture" step from my community onboarding?
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If you're looking to streamline your community onboarding process by skipping the "Profile Picture" step, you'll be pleased to know that it's possible in onboarding setup. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

Step 1: Go to Onboarding Setup

Navigate to Settings > Onboarding Setup in your community.

Step 2: Select the Onboarding Profile

Within the "Onboarding Setup," identify the specific onboarding profile that you want to modify. Click on it to proceed to the customization options.

Step 3: Adjust Profile Picture Settings

Scroll down to the bottom of the onboarding profile setup page. Here, you'll find the "Profile Picture" settings. These settings allow you to control the role of profile pictures in the onboarding process. You have three options for handling profile pictures:

  • Required: If you want every community member to upload a profile picture during onboarding, select this option.

  • Optional: If you'd like to give members the choice to add a profile picture but not make it mandatory, choose this option.

  • Skip: To exclude the profile picture step completely from the onboarding process, select this option.

Step 5: Save Changes

After selecting your preferred profile picture setting, remember to save your changes. This ensures that the updated onboarding profile will reflect your chosen modifications.

Pro tip: Even though requiring a profile picture causes a little more friction on sign-in, we've found that across the board, seeing a bunch of different faces within a community tends to rapidly increase engagement for members because it genuinely feels like you're chatting with other humans rather than "internet friends". So while there is definitely some more friction here, the engagement benefits are so large that we've found it's worth it.

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