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Can I track member location?
Can I track member location?
Updated over a week ago

You can collect and track the location of members in your Heartbeat community wherever they are in the world. Currently, location data is only viewable by admins.

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Enable Location Collection

To enable location data collection, go to Settings > Onboarding Setup and on your default onboarding profile, enable the "Location" toggle. (You may want to enable location for other onboarding profiles you have as well.)

Select which locations you want to allow, then save your onboarding profile settings.

How members update their location

Enabling location data collection allows you to ask members where they are located in onboarding. It also enables existing members to add or update their location in Settings > My Account.

How you can track member location

One way you can track member location is through automated groups. For example, you can create an automated group called "NY Metro Area" and set the filter to "within 30 miles of New York, NY"

Members will automatically be added and removed from this group based on their location. You can create events specifically for this group, use it to configure matchmaking based on location, or make specific content in the community available based on their location.

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