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How do you create a new audio room (voice room) in Heartbeat?
How do you create a new audio room (voice room) in Heartbeat?

Creating an audio room in Heartbeat is a straightforward process that greatly enhances community engagement.

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Depending on your Heartbeat role settings, members can create and start an audio room with other community members by clicking the Create Voice Room button in the right-hand sidebar of your community dashboard. You can choose a name for the call, then click Start.

Heartbeat will notify other community members about the voice room once you have three participants in the call.

Once you’ve started or joined a call, here’s what you can do:

Configure Your Audio Room Settings

You will be prompted to configure various settings for your audio room:

  • Mute or unmute yourself

  • Turn the video on or off

  • Share your screen on the desktop

  • Invite others to join the call

  • Change audio and video settings

    • By clicking the settings icon, you can configure your input and output devices when in the voice room

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the difference between a voice room and a voice channel?

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