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Docs can be helpful for

  • Community overview, discounts

  • Tactical guides

  • Code of conduct

  • Book recommendations

  • Getting started guides

  • Book recommendations

Create a document section

To create a new document section, click "+ Create Document Section". You'll be able to give the section a name, description, and limit access to the section. After creating it, you can add a header image (Images with a 2:1 (width:height) aspect ratio with a minimum size of 384x192 look best!).

Section card view

Docs are organized in sections, which are displayed in a card view. Sections manage higher-level permissions.

Section Permissions

You can limit access to a section to specific roles and groups. The levels of access are:

  • Edit: Members with this permission can create, edit, move, and delete docs in this section.

  • View: Members with this permission can only view the docs in this section. This is the recommended permission for any member that does not need to edit docs in a section.

Creating a document

Once you click into a section card, you can add documents. Hover to the right of the section name and click the '+' to add a document. You can add an emoji if you like!

Edit your document

Add blocks inside your document by clicking the '+' button or typing '/'

Create a child document

You can create child documents under other documents in a section by hovering over the document name on the left sidebar and clicking the '+' .

Document options

Delete a document

Delete a document by selecting 'Delete' from the 3-dot menu on a document.

Transfer to a new section

You can transfer your document to a new section within your docs section by selecting "Transfer" in the 3-dot menu of the document.

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