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Set up Stripe Tax for Heartbeat Payments
Set up Stripe Tax for Heartbeat Payments
Updated over a week ago

We now have a Stripe Tax integration. By implementing Stripe Tax, you can now automatically collect sales tax, VAT, or GST from all of the payments processed via Heartbeat.

Getting Started

These steps will need to be done in your Heartbeat managed Strip account:

  1. Confirm your business' origin address in your Stripe dashboard (

  2. Select a tax category for the products that you sell in Heartbeat (

  3. Register to collect taxes in the jurisdictions that you need to (

  4. Go to your Heartbeat community Settings > Monetization and select "Manage Tax Settings" in the 3-dot menu to the right of your Stripe Integration.

Choose whether you'd like your taxes to be inclusive or exclusive.

  1. An inclusive tax means that the tax is included in the final price that the user sees. This is the most common option for customers outside the US.

  2. An exclusive tax means that the users sees a separate "Tax" field when checking out. This is most common for customers in the US. Learn more here.

What happens after you enable Stripe Tax:

  1. Your members will be asked to provide their address before purchasing. This address is required to determine the tax amount they need to pay.

  2. Any new subscriptions created via Heartbeat will automatically collect the appropriate amount of tax.

  3. You'll be able to navigate to your Stripe dashboard to view how much tax you've collected & in which jurisdictions

Current limitations & Things to Know:

  • As of right now, we're only able to include tax on subscriptions. One time purchases will not have any tax applied. We're still in the process of looking for workarounds here.

  • We're unable to retroactively apply a tax to any existing purchases or subscriptions that have happened via Heartbeat.

  • Heartbeat is not responsible for reporting your taxes to the jurisdictions that you operate in. We recommend reading Stripe's documentation to better understand what you need to do after you've collected the tax from your members.

  • Stripe Tax has additional fees. All transactions that include a collected tax will result in Stripe taking an increased 0.5% cut.

Please, keep in mind that there are a lot of complications with collecting taxes in this many jurisdictions. Please, reach out if you have any questions or need any help.

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