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How to set up popups in workflows
How to set up popups in workflows

Learn how to customize popups with text, video, gifs, and more in workflows

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Video Overview

Popups are a great way to get the attention of a member in your community. They are perfect for welcoming new members, announcing events and products, or communicating some big news with your membership. This article will teach you how to use the popup editor to create a popup like the one you see below.

Add the popup action

First, you'll need to create a workflow and select "Show Popup" from the actions dropdown. Popups can be used for both automated and bulk action workflows.

Edit Your Popup Content

To start editing your popup, click "Edit Content" in the Show Popup modal.

You have a few options for customizing your popup with your own unique content.

  • Title: Give your popup a catchy title that will grab the reader's attention.

  • Description: This rich text field also allows you to insert merge tags, which offer a deeper level of personalization for each member viewing the popup. For example, you can insert a merge tag for the member's first name. See a list of all available merge tags here.

  • Button: You may change the button text, as well as the link destination. Your button can link to Heartbeat entities as well as external URLs. For example, you can link the button directly to a document in your Heartbeat community that introduces a new member to your guidelines and values.

  • Video: You can paste a link to the content you want to embed or the HTML code directly. Links are automatically converted to pre-styled and responsive embeds. See if your video platform is supported by Heartbeat here.

  • Cover Image: Add a cover image that appears at the top of the popup. The recommended aspect ratio for this image is 2:1.

  • Gif: Search from thousands of gifs to add to the top of your popup.

  • Celebration: Add a fireworks, lights, or confetti animation to your popup that plays once as soon as the popup appears to the member.

As you edit your popup, you'll see a live preview to the right to help visualize what your members will see when it's live. After clicking save, you can also click the Preview button on the Show Popup modal to experience the popup like a member would.

Popup Settings

You'll have 2 additional settings you can configure after editing your popup content:

  • Expiration Date: After this date, this popup will stop being shown to members.

  • Delay: This will delay the popup from being shown to the member for a fixed amount of time after the trigger event.

Just getting started with popups? Check out some of our workflow templates to get a head start in understanding how they can be used in your community.

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