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How do I use merge tags?
How do I use merge tags?

Learn about all the available merge tags in Heartbeat workflows.

Updated over a week ago

Merge tags can be used when creating a workflow in your Heartbeat community under Settings > Workflows > Create Workflow. Every text box associated with the DM, Popup, Email, and Notification actions support the use of merge tags. Some rich text boxes will have the merge tags readily available via a button. For others, like an email subject line, you can type in (or paste) any of the merge tags below to add it manually.

Currently supported merge tags


{{}} - Member's full name

{{member.firstName}} - Member's first name

{{member.lastName}} - Member's last name

{{}} - Member's login email


{{}} - Your community name

{{community.slug}} - the end of your community URL (for example, the slug for is drummersden)


{{}} - The name of the group

{{group.description}} - The description of the group (this can be edited in Settings > Manage Groups)


{{}} - The name of the course

{{course.description}} - The description of the course (this can be edited in the Course section clicking the 3-dot menu for the course you'd like to edit)


{{}} - The name of the event

{{event.description}} - The description of the event (this can be edited in the Events section clicking the 3-dot menu for the event you'd like to edit)

Example: An Email with Merge Tags

If there are any merge tags missing that you'd like to see added, upvote or add the request here.

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