Set up auto replies to mentions and messages

Use Auto Responder to auto reply to direct messages and show warning notices when members try mentioning you in the community.

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How to set up Auto Responder

This handy tool allows you to automatically respond to your messages and mentions even when you're not available. Follow the steps below to set it up and save yourself some time!

To access Auto Responder, head to your Settings > Account Settings.

1. Toggle on the Auto Responder

Once you're in your account settings, find the Auto Responder feature and toggle it on. This will allow you to get started!

2. Pick a start date

Next, choose a start date for your Auto Responder. This is the date you'd like the feature to begin automatically responding to your messages and mentions. Simply click on the date field and choose a date and time. You can schedule auto responder by choosing a date in the future.

3.Pick an end date

Just like with the start date, choose an end date for your Auto Responder. Once this date and time passes, it will stop automatically responding.

4. (Optional) Write a warning notice

Optionally, write a warning notice to be displayed before a member mentions or messages you. This helps manage expectations and lets them know why you may not be responding right away.

This warning will be shown in direct message threads and when someone @ mentions you in thread posts, comments, and chat channels.

5. (Optional) Write an auto-reply message

Optionally, write a custom message that will be automatically sent to anyone who direct messages you. This is a great way to let people know you're not available at the moment or to provide some helpful information in the meantime.

When you're ready, click Save Changes and your Auto Responder will begin on the start date you selected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I turn off the auto responder before the end date?

Don't want to use the Auto Responder anymore? Simply toggle it off in your account settings. This will turn it off until you're ready to use it again.

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