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Is Heartbeat going to be fully white-labeled?
Is Heartbeat going to be fully white-labeled?
Updated over a week ago

On web β€” yes. We've already removed the Heartbeat logo most places once you've custom domained your community (favicons, sign-up screens, login screens). For non-custom domained communities, there will still be a bit of Heartbeat branding β€” mainly because we don't know which community you're from until you sign in. Custom domains are included for free with all tiers of Heartbeat.

Step 2 is allowing custom email SMTP. Only reason we haven't done this has been time. We're planning to release this in the future, so all emails can be sent through your own domain/email address & we won't have to include any Heartbeat branding. Today, we use SendGrid to send emails β€” because they're all coming from our server, there are some CAN-SPAM laws we have to follow & include info about Heartbeat in those emails. This won't be the case with custom SMTP.

Last thing is the mobile apps. Unfortunately, I don't see an easy solution to providing fully custom mobile app without compromising performance & usage. Here's why:

Today, about 70% of the logins from community members in Heartbeat (so all non-admins) come from mobile. Of those, about 85% of visits are triggered by a push notification. If we release a mobile web version of Heartbeat (easiest way to do this & it's how Circle and Tribe allow for mobile embeds), we won't be able to send push notifications & you'll see a massive decline in usage. One of the biggest differences between us and our competitors is the level of engagement we create within your community & mobile is a huge part of this β€” the average Heartbeat community is insanely high rention & engagement (often +90% retention after 30-days). To release mobile web, we'd also lose out on some of our key features: voice rooms, typing indicators, presence indicators, live-update of posts/docs/threads/comments without having to refresh, etc.

Option 2 is to allow us to act as the "app publisher" on your iCloud account and manage versions of Heartbeat (similar to how Mighty Networks does it). Both iOS and Android have pretty complex processes for this, and it's still not perfect. It's harder for us to push updates, force changes when older libraries are deprecated, and keep up the lightning fast performance you're seeing on the mobile app today. This is a big reason why Mighty's mobile app feels really slow & clunky. It's just a really difficult technical problem to solve.

So in short β€” we ARE aiming for full white-labeling on web. We reduce branding as much as possible on mobile, but full white-labeling will be tough and have a massive impact on development speeds, platform performance, and engagement.

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